Monday, 7 July 2008


I've been clothes shopping at Evans again. And what a pleasant experience it is! In the old days, it used to be known as 'Evans the Outsize shop' and used to sell horrifically unfashionable clothes in bigger sizes. At some point it had a revamp and ditched the 'outsize' tag. The clothes are attractive and fashionable and go up to size 32. And that's not all:

- It's not too expensive (most of the trousers are around £15 and they have frequent sales)

- The sales assistant are big enough to wear the clothes they sell.

- They don't act as if you're going to steal things if you try clothes on - you can walk in and out of the changing rooms freely without being accosted and having the clothes counted.

- The clothes seem to be designed for bigger women rather than just sized up.

- The accessories they sell are also designed for bigger women - wider boots, longer necklaces, bigger stockings, etc.

My only gripe is that they don't seem to design clothes specifically for my type of figure (curvy hourglass). The bras are for people with big chests, rather than with small chests and big breasts. But it's the same in most shops, and I usually can't get my bra size in normal shops anyway.

It's a joy shopping there, and one of the perks of being bigger. So I had mixed feelings when I learned that there is now so much demand for Evans clothes that they now go down to a size 14. Slimmer people can now shop in Evans. As well as just about everywhere else, of course.

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